Book illustrations

Outer motivation – Inner inspiration
Traditional leadership – Leadership of the future

Illustrations from the book “Framtidens ledarskap” by Pia Vingestråhle.

Image to illustrate logistics in healthcare and how narrow sectors can create queues.
Illustration to describe how the variation in assessments in healthcare affects the queue time on the local level.

Illustrations for report on health care by The Swedish Association of Local Authorities and Regions

“This explains a lot.”
Signs with “Hired 1980” – “Hired 1990” – “Hired 2000”
Different glasses…

Illustrations from the leadership book Red Matters by Liv Cardell


An illustration from the book “Ursäkta, hur dags går jorden under?” about the climate, by Peter Eriksson.

An illustration from the book Consciously Barefoot by Lilian Alterskjaer

Article illustrations

Illustration for article about conformity
Illustration for article about Oromos students

Article illustrations for Untold Stories who is a website where jailed journalists and others who have experienced human right violations can publish their stories.

An illustration for an article about integrity

Illustration for the magazine Hennes.